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Wiley focuses on getting real in life. She is an retreat facilitator and leader, seeing the immense benefit in using the environment and stepping out of your comfort zone to learn and grow.

Wiley works with clients who are feeling stressed out in life, having a hard time releasing anxieties, and who having a hard time connecting. They know it is time to examine and learn how to make changes, yet they don't know quite what the exact issue is or how to fix it. They are ready to lead in life with confidence, passion and courage

Awareness  I    Acceptance   I   Action

Wiley offers sustainable tools. Wiley has the ability to not judge and, at the same time, assist growth through challenging experiences. 

Imagine feeling great about family life and time with your colleagues? What if the things that stress you out were not as overwhelming? What if you had tools to help actually improve relationships and how you influence other people? You will be shocked at how in doing this work, your life will be changed. Imagine enjoying life, feeling more understanding and being fulfilled often. 



Message from Wiley: I know how hard the relationships around you can be. It can feel like you are being pushed to your limits by the people you love or work with. I understand the struggles of navigating changes and trying to communicate harmoniously. It is a lot about finding awareness, shifting your mindset and how you are choosing to stand up to everything around you. It is about know how you operate and why. I am a Certified Professional Coach and have ample experience working with Outward Bound. 

I would love to hear from you. I am offering an online/over the phone course which is the "Get REAL" Private Coaching Package.  My extensive experience will help you through your situation, with tools to walk away with that will last a lifetime.  I am easy to work with- I like to be fun, open and real. At the same time, I will gently challenge you to be your genuine self (maybe call you out a bit). We will get REAL. My work with you is valuable and I offer affordable options- if you feel you really need this in your life, let's discuss. This will benefit not only yourself, it benefits all the people around you. 

Wiley is a natural life coach and wonderful resource. She challenges you to dig into yourself to determine what works best for your family. Wiley provides parents with valuable tools for....living our lives genuinely with courage. Any time spent with her on the phone or in person will benefit people at all stages of life!

Simply write to request a FREE strategy session to see what is the best plan for you at this time in life:

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I also Logistically coordinate your dream retreat. You bring your people and your content and I help Organize. Imagine being able to just show up, with all the details cared for. Also, you have someone coaching you along the way while you go through the process of creating a intimate retreat. Currently, offering this service in mexico, panama and steamboat. Please visit The website www.retreatplanner.com or Email for more info wiley@discoverwithin.net

testimonials from working with wiley wakeman

Wiley is both encouraging and inspiring all the while making the exploration of the self a positive journey despite the difficulty. While there is chaos and uncertainty in my life, Wiley helped to see a straight path through many problems.
— l.k.
I feel very fortunate to have a continued interest in personal development and Wiley has effortlessly helped me begin to uncover patterns of thoughts hindering the growth I have been working to achieve. Her calming and warm presence allows me not only to open up without fear of judgment, but she also helps me easily see my own personal path with her guidance. I highly recommend Wiley’s life coaching for people wanting clarity in any aspect of their lives.
— A.M.
In wanting to make changes in one’s life, it seems at times overwhelming but Wiley...really helped one to dive in and begin a conversation with the self as well as loved ones. By working to define one’s beliefs and values, it informed a great deal about the direction needed to work on myself. I learned a lot about the need to redefine and my ability to change my perspective about things that had bothered me for a long time. I started to move past struggles that had been long time boundaries for me.
Wiley is a complete ray of sunshine and in a way that shines the light on you. Every time I’ve worked with Wiley I have walked away feeling entirely heard on a deep level, and being heard can’t be underestimated. It’s in these conversations where I’ve been able to work out whatever I’ve needed help with - relationships, confidence, communication, and career change as I moved abroad with my husband. Wiley has the ability to ask the right questions, almost to extent that you don’t even notice she’s asked them, so that you get to the root of what’s there, and often times with complete ease, because of the safe and open space she creates. And if it isn’t palpable already- Wiley’s commitment to families experiencing love and workability is incredibly inspiring. That commitment is present in every conversation because she’s the real deal, and she’ll be there the entire journey with you
— .M.O.

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When not traveling and coaching, Wiley lives in Steamboat Springs, CO with her 9 year old daughter. The mountains feed Wiley so she is an avid skier and loves to hike in the summer. When south of the border, Wiley loves to experience culture, speak in Spanish and get in the ocean and surf some waves. 

About Wiley

Wiley is a talented Personal Coach and offers services to anyone who wants to host a retreat. You can hire Wiley as a Private Coach. Helping people find more ease in the work place and home life is a passion for Wiley. She sees potential and individuality in everyone and knows incredible tools to help pull this out in people. Shifts have been made in clients after just one private coaching session. 

Wiley loves hosting retreats and has one coming up in April in Mexico. You can also hire Wiley to fully support your dream retreat. While she is supporting you emotionally and energetically, Wiley logistically coordinates your destination retreat. Connection between you and Wiley is of utmost importance, as connection is one of Wiley's top core values. When you hire Wiley as a logistics coordinator, she is more than a planner, she is an entire support system; coach, support, planner and stress reliever. You will be able to show up and give what you want to your people, while she creates and holds a space for a valuable experience. 

Core Values:

Fun and Enjoyment