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Specializing in Postpartum

Coaching is useful for anyone in life transitions: new baby, new job, graduating, separating or empty-nesters. I love coaching individuals in a confidential and non-judgmental form. With over hundreds of coaching hours under my belt, I am passionate about sharing the tools I have learned.

Being a new mom myself, I have a special connection with post-partum times. I was trained by DONA as a post-partum Doula, and this work combined with my accredited coaching certification allows me to be an incredible support. I get it. I get how tough it is and can help through the challenging time. We all need someone to help us not just survive, yet create new ways of being as a mama. It is worth reaching out. Self care is especially tough at this time for Mama’s, treat yourself (you and your baby deserve it). Also, this is logistically easy since calls are all over the phone.

Contact me if you have any interest and any questions. Creating an affordable solution for your situation is important to me. I am qualified with an incredible tool that can help you learn HOW to shift things that are not working for you in life. This assesment can teach you how to change your outlook on life. With my style of coaching, we find awareness of what is wrong in life AND we come up with sustainable solutions for how to navigate your current situation and future ones. Bring in ease and enjoyment, opportunity and fulfillment.  



Wiley walked me through a beautiful process as I was considering a major life decision. Her patience, listening ear and valuable tools allowed me to look at my situation wholeheartedly. I would recommend Wiley’s expertise to anyone needing guidance and coaching for life’s tough decisions.
— Ashley B.

testimonials from working with wiley wakeman

Wiley is both encouraging and inspiring all the while making the exploration of the self a positive journey despite the difficulty. While there is chaos and uncertainty in my life, Wiley helped to see a straight path through many problems.
— l.k.
I feel very fortunate to have a continued interest in personal development and Wiley has effortlessly helped me begin to uncover patterns of thoughts hindering the growth I have been working to achieve. Her calming and warm presence allows me not only to open up without fear of judgment, but she also helps me easily see my own personal path with her guidance. I highly recommend Wiley’s life coaching for people wanting clarity in any aspect of their lives.
— A.M.
In wanting to make changes in one’s life, it seems at times overwhelming but Wiley...really helped one to dive in and begin a conversation with the self as well as loved ones. By working to define one’s beliefs and values, it informed a great deal about the direction needed to work on myself. I learned a lot about the need to redefine and my ability to change my perspective about things that had bothered me for a long time. I started to move past struggles that had been long time boundaries for me.
Wiley is a complete ray of sunshine and in a way that shines the light on you. Every time I’ve worked with Wiley I have walked away feeling entirely heard on a deep level, and being heard can’t be underestimated. It’s in these conversations where I’ve been able to work out whatever I’ve needed help with - relationships, confidence, communication, and career change as I moved abroad with my husband. Wiley has the ability to ask the right questions, almost to extent that you don’t even notice she’s asked them, so that you get to the root of what’s there, and often times with complete ease, because of the safe and open space she creates. And if it isn’t palpable already- Wiley’s commitment to families experiencing love and workability is incredibly inspiring. That commitment is present in every conversation because she’s the real deal, and she’ll be there the entire journey with you
— .M.O.

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When not traveling and coaching, Wiley lives in Steamboat Springs, CO with her two daughters (Ages 11 and 6 months). The mountains feed Wiley so she is an avid skier and loves to hike in the summer. When south of the border, Wiley loves to experience culture, speak in Spanish and get in the ocean and surf some waves. 

About Wiley

Wiley is a talented Personal Coach and is focusing on transitions in life. Helping people find more ease in the navigating challenge, she helps her clients learn sustainable tools. She sees potential and individuality in everyone and is trust-worthy and personable. Shifts have been made in clients after just one private coaching session. Wiley is especially talented working with new mom’s and did training with DONA for being a post-partum Doula. Currently, Wiley is getting her Masters in Social Work to add to her abilities as a coach and a councelor. Wiley has worked for the Colorado Outward Bound School, in many roles, since 1999.

Wiley loves hosting retreats and held super successful ones the past two years in Mexico. She also holds the experience of building a home in the jungle of Panama and hosting many people on her land. You can hire Wiley to fully support your dream retreat. 

Core Values:

Fun and Enjoyment