Wiley Wakeman

Retreat Coordinator, Supporter and Stress Reliever

for your Ideal, Destination Retreat

together brainstorm your goals and visions

choose the ideal location

Coordinate creating the dream space  

Help create the right price point for your retreat

Give High value for you and your clients

Support you through the process of inviting

give you options to create the ideal plan 

Logistically plan your entire retreat

Be there from start to finish through the retreat

Plan and support and execute

Welcome! If you are here, you have probably had dreams of hosting a destination retreat, yet you don't want to do all the logistics yourself or don't know how to. You imagine having you and your people in a beautiful space, going on mini excursions, eating great food and having an incredible bonding experience. Yes? And, how amazing would it be to create this vision, have someone else plan it? You will be able to show up and preform what you are an expert at, while being fully supported. If you say yes to this, please be in touch and we can start to create your dream retreat. At this time, the optional locations include various Mexico locations, Panama, Winter Park and Steamboat Springs, CO. I have extensive experience working with Outward Bound, taking small groups on adventure travel, self travel in foreign countries, speaking Spanish, supporting and coaching. I love this line of work and I am passionate about the vision of bringing small groups into intimate setting to grow and learn for the benefit of the individuals, groups and world we live in. 

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