Wiley Wakeman

Retreat Coordinator and Supporter

for your Destination Retreat

What I assist you with:

Clarifying your goals and visions

Choosing the ideal location

Creating the dream space  

Deciding the right price point

Support you through the process of inviting

Help with all pre-trip paperwork and waivers

Guide you through daily planning

Logistically support all the details

Be at the retreat with you  

Plan and support and execute and have fun


Have you ever had dreams of hosting a retreat in a beautiful destination? Your clients show up and you have created a magical experience. The depth of learning is so much deeper, when you are all together in an amazing place. Retreats allow for a unique bonding opportunity and accelerated growth.  Your clients can learn in a specific setting that YOU have created. You can all share delicious meals, movement, excursions and experiences. There is a sense of adventure combined with the important part of the equation: stepping out of the everyday life. There is a chance to hold individuals in a sacred space to allow for a unique growing experience. 

If you see value in this for you and your clients you may start to ask some questions. Where would I host a retreat? How many people would I invite? What would it cost? Would I make money? What would days be set up like? What types of waivers do I need? HALT, deep breath. This is where I can come in and support you through the whole process. Imagine me as the wedding planner for your dream retreat. We pause and start by talking through goals and visions, to create the best experience for you and the individuals on your retreat. I am here to make the experience fun, stress-free and meaningful for you. My skills as a Certified Professional Coach get to shine through as we plan this adventure. 

At this time, the optional locations for destinations include Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Steamboat Springs, and other Colorado locations (with hot springs). I am hosting a retreat in Mexico this April called "Unplug and Recharge", with the lovely Brandy Wade. It will be my second at this location. My extensive experience working for Outward Bound, taking small groups on adventure travel, traveling in foreign countries, speaking Spanish, and being a Certified Wilderness First Responder; makes me a valuable individual to have by your side through hosting your retreat. Through experiencing hosting my own retreats, I am fully aligned with the value that I am offering in being a support through your process. Honestly, it is tough to do all on your own. The bigger calling continues to drive me, I am passionate about the vision of bringing small groups into intimate setting to grow and learn for the benefit of the individuals, groups and world we live in. 

Please call or write with any questions. I would love to set up a phone chat with you.  



Coaching Beyond Retreats and Major Life Experiences

You go on a retreat or visit a foreign country or do a major outdoor trip. While you are there everything makes sense. You see yourself and your life from a different perspective. There are many AH-HA moments, you understand life in a new and fresh way. You are all ready to bring all this back to your life a home and.....RE-ENTRY TIME. 

You start to re-integrate into your world at home, your society, your family. Grocery stores feel weird to walk into, there are so many choices and no one gets what you have been through. You start to do what we all would: get back into your routine, go back to all the ways you used to show up, rely on your "go to" ways of being. Slowly the life changing experience you had is turning into a memory and all the lessons you learned are pages filled in a journal that are starting to be forgotten with time.

What if you had support to actually weave what you learned on your experience, into your life back at home?

How would it feel to be supported in that process of integrating home after a big life experience?

I believe in removing yourself, on purpose, from your everyday life, whether it be a personal trip, a retreat, an Outward Bound Course or some time abroad. This experience allows you to remember who you are in unique ways, having you come back to your home refreshed and with new understandings. Being pulled out of your comfort zone, for sure brings some discomfort, yet with that is also learning, growing, great confidence and sense of achievement.  I also know, from personal experience, how hard it is to weave all that you learn, back into your life. That is why I have chosen to coach individuals through this process. So that all the juicy tidbits learned on your experience can stay with you and part of you, rather than an idea that is lost and forgotten.  I can hold you accountable for what you are setting out to do. I get it! 

If you or anyone you know has had a life changing powerful experience in their past or is on one, please have them contact me. Even if your experience was a while ago, and you still have desires to bring into your life now, we can work together. Please don't hesitate to simply call or text to set up a time to chat.